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Install Driven Sand Point Water Well

A simple way to extract fresh water from the ground for free is by creating a driven point water well also known as a sand point water well. You may have seen these types of wells in old western movies or as pond decorations in modern homes.

Driven point water wells are fairly simple to create. The basic principle is to drive a pipe, which contains a screen at the bottom, into the ground until you reach the water table for your area; which will usually be between 20' to 35' deep. The water then enters the pipe through the exposed screen, and then it is extracted through the pipe using a pump.

How To Install A Driven Sand Point Water Well:

Step 1:

Dig a starter hole 6" deep.

Step 2:

Attach one section of pipe to the drive point with a coupling. Place a drive cap cover over the top of the pipe to prevent damage to the pipe.

Step 3:

Use a pipe driver or sledge hammer to drive the drive point into the ground. Keep the pipe as level as possible when driving the pipe into the ground.

Step 4:

Continue adding pipe using couplings until you reach the water table.

Step 5:

Install a hand pump or electric pump to extract water.

Install Driven Sand Point Water Well