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Small Solar Home Building Code Requirements

Ugh, building codes!

Some building codes are needed to ensure safety while others are just plan annoying and sometimes absurd.

So you will want to make sure you are aware of your local building codes before you start building your own small solar home.

Two important building codes you should be aware of:

1. Building Size:

Most local building codes have different requirements when it comes to building an accessory building (a.k.a. sheds) or a traditional home.

Accessory buildings are usually considered to be less than 180 to 200 square feet in size. Once you get above the 180 to 200 square foot threshold some building codes then consider the structure to be a traditional home; which means the building codes can become extremely complicated. These complex codes may include needing a poured foundation and complete building inspections throughout the entire building process.

2. Building Heights:

Another typical accessory building code requirement is the roof height. Many building codes will require that an accessory building does not have a roof height exceeding 15 feet.

The above two building codes are the most important to keep in mind, but of course you will want to verify what your local building codes are before you begin building your own small solar home.

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